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Each of these unique Zodiac candles hold the power of a different crystal. Burn anywhere in your home or office space to spread the energy. Here's what each crystal does...


  • Amethyst (Dark Purple) - Master Healing Stone
  • Carnelian (Orange) - Power Stone
  • Fluorite (Green or Green/Purple) - Strength and Order Stone
  • Lapis Lazuli (Blue with Gold Flecks) - Psychic Development Stone
  • Moonstone (White with Black Flecks) - Intuition and Moon Magic Stone
  • Rose Quartz (Pink) - Unconditional Love Stone
  • Tiger's Eye (Brown) - Luck and Good Fortune Stone


Zodiac Candle

  • One Zodiac Candle.

    Please note that due to the unique nature of this product, items ordered online may not be the exact one pictured on the website.

    Please use caution when burning and never leave unattended. 

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